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Introducing Fractured: Igniting the Soul of Rock and Roll

From the depths of the pandemic's chaos, FRACTURED rose to prominence, fueled by a burning desire for freedom. Led by the charismatic Robert Brooks on vocals, alongside the indomitable guitar skills of Dave Faires and Brian Smith, and the thundering bass lines of Phil Witz, they sought a drummer who could drive them towards their sonic destiny. Enter Sanders Satler, the rhythmic powerhouse who completed the lineup and ignited a musical journey like no other.

FRACTURED is a force to be reckoned with, delivering a hard-hitting, soul-stirring brand of rock and roll. Their music surges with unbridled emotion, channeling the raw essence of the American spirit. Influenced by the timeless vocal styles of classic rhythm and blues and rock and roll, fused with the relentless energy of alternative metal, FRACTURED creates a sound that resonates with the heartbeat of the nation and embodies the allure of the open road. Their sonic presence transcends time, effortlessly penetrating the depths of your soul.

In an era marked by elaborate productions and synthetic embellishments, FRACTURED proudly stands as a testament to the true essence of rock and roll. No synthesizers or artificial additives can be found within this band's musical arsenal—only a relentless onslaught of face-melting rock and roll. Their sound is gritty, uncompromising, and unapologetic.

Yet, beyond the sonic storm they conjure, FRACTURED exemplifies authenticity. Their genuine spirit is as captivating as their music, earning them a reputation as down-to-earth, relatable individuals. Not content with merely rocking the stage, the band created the inspiring "Hometown Heroes Events" to support noble causes such as the Wounded Warrior Project, Combat Veterans riders, and children who have bravely battled leukemia and other health issues. Through these heartfelt endeavors, FRACTURED forges a profound connection with their fans, reminding them that hope and the vitality of life are always within reach.

FRACTURED has arrived to set your soul ablaze with the enduring power of rock and roll. Prepare to be swept away by their relentless energy, as they bridge the gap between the collective consciousness and the primal urge for freedom. With every note, they etch their mark upon the fabric of music history, leaving an indelible imprint on your very being. Surrender yourself to the heart-pounding experience that is FRACTURED, and let their music ignite the fire within you.

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